31 Jan - 2 Feb 2018

3rd Open House Worldwide Conference

Shaping our cities for the future - Cities for all

Cities around the world face many common challenges, but also remain places of inspiration and aspiration. The task for policymakers, built environment professionals and agencies is to create vibrant and liveable cities where people can and want to live and work – but also where they have a voice to help shape their city’s future.

Day 1 - Key principles and solutions for making a liveable, sustainable and connected city. (Session One - afternoon only)

Speakers: Riccardo Marini, Founder, Marini Urbanismo and former Jan Gehl Associate, Terri Wills, CEO, World Green Building Council, Clive Constable, Deputy Chief Executive, Royal College of Physicians, Charles Landry & Chris Murray, CoreCities, Alastair Parvin, Co-founder, WikiHouse Foundation

Day 2 - Session Two: Design Leadership and Governance

Speakers:  Matthew Ryder, Deputy Mayor, Social Integration & Social Mobility and Community Engagement, Maria Vassilakou, Vice-Mayor and Vice-Governor, City of Vienna, Asier Abaunza, Councillor for Urban Planning, Bilbao City Council, Ali Grehan, City Architect, Dublin City Council, Malcolm Middleton, Queensland Government Architect

Day 2 - Session Three:

How to create effective civic participation and engagement and harnessing the power of new technologies of inclusive platforms?

Speakers:  David Burney, Board Chairman, Center for Active Design, New York, Marten Sims, European Operations Lead, Happy City, Mark Cridge, CEO, My Society, Dan Hill, Associate Director, Arup, Lily Bernheimer, Founding Director, Space Works Consulting

Day 3  - How to create an ‘open city’: knowledge-sharing session

  • The role and benefits of buildings’ participation  - Chicago, Buenos Aires, Belfast, Lagos
  • Corporate, public-sector and other partnerships - London, New York, Dublin, Rome
  • Volunteering -  Santiago, Vilnius, Prague, Milan
  •  Fringe programmes: talks, debates and seminars - Slovenia, Bilbao, Oslo
  • Audience/visitor research and evaluation - Melbourne, Vienna
  • Branding and Marketing - led by Torino and Madrid
  • Q & A  Sessions with Open House Worldwide Cities directors


This, the third Open House Worldwide conference, presented by Open City, also launches a major new piece of its research examining the global impact of Open House concept.

The conference is divided into 3 separate programmes each thereby enabling delegates to attend as a Day Delegate or a Full Conference Delegate.



Open House LondonOpen House Barcelona Open House New York


2nd Open House Worldwide Conference 2012
Smarter Cities, Smarter Thinking

The second Open House Worldwide Conference took place on 21&22 June in London focusing on the theme of "Smarter Cities and Smarter Thinking"

Day 1 hosted by IPC Media covered a variety of speakers from Open House Cities discussing the politics and funding of an Open House city, the involvement of volunteering being core to each programme's running of city events and how accreditiations for Architecture students in Barcelona are recognised by universities and a discussion about how this model can be expanded to other cities around the world.

Day 2, hosted by CBRE focused more heavily on the theme of smarter cities and smarter thinking with a range of speakers including Rashik Parmar from IBM discussing technologies facilitating sustainable built environments through to the afternoon chairs by Nick Raynsford MP & Chair Telford Homes / Olympic Village and Open-City Trustee bringing together panel discussions involving Malcolm Smith, Arup's Director of Integrated Urbanism, Philip Atkins, Senior Director and Head of City planning at CBRE and George Marshall, who presented on the perception of sustainability and behavioral change.

The second part of the day tackled the many definitions of a 'sustainable city' including the statement about 'people' being at its heart, yet in reality they are often not incorporated effectively. Only by integrating people, place and practice as a two-way process, can fundamental and lasting change be achieved for our cities. Collaboration between practitioners and the industry to develop solutions is therefore paramount.

Overall the conference highlighted examples of smarter and creative thinking in the way existing cities are being made more sustainable for the future, showcasing more holistic approaches that generate social and economic alongside environmental benefits. It brings together professionals from the built environment and technology, energy and sustainability sectors and Open House cities.



A number of presentations by speakers:

What makes a liveable city? (PDF) - Ricardo Marini, Marini Urbanismo

Public Participation (PDF) - Suzie Hall, Director LSE Cities

Crowdfunding (PDF) - James Parkinson, GLA



The 'Open House' concept was founded in 1992 in London by Open-City. It is now recognised by politicians, professionals and the public alike as a key method to profile the effect that excellent design, planning and regeneration of the contemporary city can have on the quality of people's lives and the value this can bring to the social and economic sustainability of the city now and in the future. 'Open House' has now been adopted by 40 cities around the world, creating the first global architecture festival reaching over a million citizens.


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