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Open House has become a high profile annual cultural event that raises awareness of the value of good design amongst local citizens to participating cities. Fundamentally an urban event, participating cities must have a minimum population of 400,000 and an exceptional number of quality buildings.

It has continued to grow internationally as more cities have joined this ever-growing family. We have developed a framework through which it is possible to obtain the Open House brand and become an official 'family' member.

The 4 core principles followed and adhered to by each Open House city:

1. The Open House event should maintain the core values of the Open House concept: to foster appreciation, understanding and learning amongst your own communities along with the value of architectural excellence and showcasing good design, combining contemporary and historical, recognizing the quality rather than the age of the buildings.

2. Free entry to all buildings taking part in the Open House event is mandatory, with no exclusive entry over the event itself, and no mandatory charge to be made to building owners to participate.

3. A not-for-profit organisation or charity, separate from political ties and professional institutions, must be in existence or to be established to organise the Open House event in your city. The organisation's core aims will be centred on architecture or the built environment and its citizens of that city.

4. The primary aim of Open House is an architectural education event within the setting of an urban city for its own citizens.

See a recent example - 2017 Open House Bilbao

Want to become an Open House City?

If you wish to develop an Open House initiative and have permission to use the 'Open House' brand, and would like to find out more information and the procedure of moving forward to become an Open House city, first download the form below for guidance and precise requirements and if you think you will be able to meet the criteria please email your completed form to Victoria Thornton, Founder of Open House.

Click here to download the guidance form to apply to become an Open House City.


Open House News

5 February 2019: Inaugural Open House Brno 13 April 2019

5 February 2019: Inaugural Open House Tallinn 27-28 April 2019

2 February 2019: Inaugural Open House Valencia 4-5 May 2019

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