Open House Monterrey
April 28-29 2018

Monterrey is the third largest city in Mexico and it’s the country’s industrial capital. Located just 200 Km away from the border with Texas, the sunbelt's influence is quite obvious. Established three times by three different founders during the 1500s, the city's major growth happened during the twentieth century becoming home to some of the best universities and hospitals in Latin America. From social projects designed and built by students in informal neighborhoods to skyscrapers designed by international architecture firms, Monterrey is getting ready for their second Open House with 50 buildings.

Looking to continue with the tradition and breaking paradigms among the hard working regiomontanos, Open House Monterrey A.C. in collaboration with local non-profit organizations, universities, architects, and local companies invites us to the second Open House event in Mexico.

Highlights include Alejandro Aravena's first project in México, Las Anacuas, as well as Cesar Pelli's Arboleda Masterplan. This city is mostly built of single family houses, good examples of this typology include Casa IPE by P+O Arquitectura, Casa Ming by LGZ Arquitectura, and Casa Roja by Dear Architects. The list is also composed by tall new icons such as Pabellón M by Agustín Landa and Las Fridas by GVA.

This year's roundtable panel will discuss the great problem of traffic the city has.

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