Open House Belfast
October 18-20 2019

Open House Belfast is back for the fifth year in 2019! Between 18th and 20th October we will open up some of the city’s most interesting buildings and spaces for Belfast’s residents and visitors to experience, free of charge.

The programme once again is eclectic and inspiring. We’re inviting everyone in the city to get inside architectural icons of Belfast, witness jaw-dropping engineering and infrastructure projects, go behind the scenes of unassuming buildings busting with behind-the-scenes activity, and see the future of heritage sites suspended with potential energy. Designers and makers will invite you into their studios and workshops to see and hear about their work.

As usual, you can expect site visits, public discussions, performances and special events catering for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. So whether you are a resident of Belfast, or visiting the city for the weekend, join us! This is your opportunity to discover the city from new perspectives and uncover the wealth of beauty and activity that we pass by daily. Full programme to be announced in September, you can sign up to the PLACE mailing list to be kept updated.

PLACE is an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting great architecture, design and planning in Northern Ireland. Our purpose is to create a better place to live, work and play. We work with people across Northern Ireland to encourage good design and engineering, and increase public engagement with architecture, planning, construction and related professions to promote civil society and community development.


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